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District Mission Statement

Elk Hills Elementary is dedicated to preparing our students for their future by providing each student with a quality education, which includes the knowledge, confidence, and self-esteem to participate in a culturally diverse democracy as an effective and informed citizen. We believe that our schools have active, supportive parents and the Elk Hills Elementary District warmly welcomes parents to be involved in their children’s school. We view this Single School Plan for Student Achievement as an opportunity to continue our communication and collaboration with parents, staff, and the community as we continue to develop our partnerships. The elements and specifics provided in this plan will serve as a guide to the entire district and community.

We are committed to personalizing each student’s program and instruction, regardless of complexity, to the best of their ability. Emotional health, self-understanding, self-esteem and dignity are primary values in the education of the human being. Once these values are cultivated, the student begins to achieve and succeed in academic and social skills. Every opportunity is provided for each student to achieve his/her education. The process by which an individual develops mentally, physically, socially, culturally, and emotionally in his/her environment is a definition of education practiced by the total staff. Working together, we will be up to the challenge.