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Special Education Services


Elk Hills School District provides Resource Service Program (RSP) and Speech services for students that qualify. The school program is offered in two settings, 1) “Push-in” Classroom support services, where instructional aides support students within the regular education classroom, and 2) “Pull-out” program, where students that need additional individual support receive instruction in the special education room.

Dear Parents:

The District recently received an email from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson with information about pending lawsuits (known as the Morgan Hill cases). We believe similar emails were sent to every school district and SELPA in the state of California. Mr. Torlakson requested that we post a link on the districts website for parents use in filing an objection to disclosure of information by the California Department of Education (CDE).

The email indicates various student records will be produced by CDE as part of those lawsuits. The court has ordered CDE to release the records under a protective order concerning their use. We understand these records contain personally identifiable information on a vast number of public education students. The District is not releasing these records but CDE will be releasing them. While the lawsuit is about compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 Programs, there is no indication that the information to be released by CDE pertains only to students engaged in one or more of those programs. We have no information about whether or not these records pertain to your student.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, the link (also posted on the districts website) is:

Again, the District is not releasing these records; we are providing this notice to you so you can determine whether or not to object to the release of records by CDE.

I Think My Child May Need Special Education Services

Parents and individuals who believe a child they know might require special education intervention may call our school office at 661-765-7431 and talk with Mrs. Bafia or you can contact Search and Serve office at Kern County Superintendent of School. Every call results in a personal contact.


RSP/SDCAs students ranging from grades Kindergarten through eight receive special education services. All of these students receive services in the resource room or in their classroom.

SPEECH/LANGUAGE: Eleven students are currently receiving speech/language services twice weekly from a speech therapist provided by the County Office.

INTERVENTION: Students receive intervention on a regular basis. Several others take advantage of our open door policy, where they come in as needed.