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School-wide Theme

Our 2016-17 School-wide Science theme is:

Around the World in 180 Days…

Student’s will receive a presentation as we start our adventure into the start of the new school year. Our “passport” will ensure us special learning trips, activities, and events for our yearlong Social Science theme “Around the World”. We are planning monthly student, parent and community activities to support our monthly themes to enhance our history, arts, language, math, and technology programs. Don’t miss out on this “adventurous” opportunity to start off a great year at Elk Hills School!

Each month the school will study a different Continent in the world.  All classrooms will study the school-wide theme area based on the state adopted standards for their grade-level.  Students will traveling the world using hands-on materials, music and equipment to bring education around the world alive! Of course, students will be reading, researching, writing, computing (math), using vocabulary, spelling science words, drawing, sorting, classifying, analyzing, and having fun all at the same time!