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School Calendars

The Board at their April, 2015 meeting conducted a final review and approved the School Calendar for the 2015-16 school year. Per Board Policies (6111 & 6115a), the calendar has 181 student attendance days, start and ending dates, vacation periods, and all legal holidays (indicated with red boxes) and local holidays (indicated with orange boxes). Minimum days are used for staff training and planning (indicated with yellow boxes). In the past, Elk Hills School District’s calendar has been prepared in alignment with Taft High School District’s calendar to support families with students attending both school districts.

EHSD School yearly calendars:
Elk Hills School Calendar-2015-16
Elk Hills School Calendar 2016-17
Elk Hills School Calendar 2017-18


August 2016 Event Calendar
September Event Calendar 2016
October 2016 Event calendar
November 2016 Event calendar
December 2016 Event calendar
January 2017 Event calendar
February 2017 Event calendar
March 2017 Event Calendar
April 2017 Event calendar