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Posted 12 months ago


Please get the word out so it can be shared on Facebook and twitter with the hashtags #savedistrictofchoice #DOC.

Hello-As you know, AB 1771 was amended late Friday afternoon to include a grandfather clause which would apply to school site only.  You can view it as:

We have heard from many parents and districts that this is not a compromise but rather a nail in the coffin for a successful program with no explanation.  The Chairwoman of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, who singlehandedly held the bill, even posted about this on her government official Facebook page on Friday.  As you will see, many parents are not buying what they are being told.  We expect there to be a hearing on this proposal possibly later this week.

Email to me and I will hand deliver.  In addition, please follow up by email to:

We have been contacted by many parents that they do not feel as though they are hearing enough about the status of DOC.  We have explained to them that this is because the situation is very fluid.  Consider sharing an update with them.  You may want to consider planning an early fall meeting once the Legislature has adjourned for a full report on what took place and next steps.

Also, parents are organizing a rally scheduled for THIS SATURDAY 8/27/16 at 10:30am-The hopes is that the top 5 districts involved in DOC will attend (Walnut Valley, Oak Park, Glendora, Riverside, W. Covina).  It will be held at Maple Hill Park in Diamond Bar 1355 S. Maple Hill Road, Diamond Bar, CA 91765.

It is imperative at least 300+ people show up to make a statement about the importance of this program.  Media will be in attendance, as will Senator Huff and some Superintendents.  We are encouraging all DOCs to hold something similar in their areas around the same time to make a united statement.  If your district plans to do something, please let us know so we can help with the press operation.  If parents from other schools are interested in how they are going about the planning, please reach out to me and I will get you in touch with the right people. The color for school choice is YELLOW so please try to wear that color to show unity.

Please continue to ask your parents to keep the pressure on.  Keep calling, writing and emailing Assemblywoman Gonzalez, Speaker Rendon, your LOCAL Assemblyperson.  You may also be interested in the petition that has been started: