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District of Choice

DISTRICT OF CHOICE PROGRAM District of Choice Packet Fill out and submit this form for each student by December 15th deadline.

Information About the School District of Choice Program
The law allows, but does not require, school districts to accept students from other districts under the School District of Choice program. The school district of choice determines the number of transfers it is willing to accept and ensures that students are selected through a random, unbiased process.

How do I apply?

Applications are available (See download above) and submit the form for each student. Completed applications must be returned to the district office prior to January 1 for enrollment in the next school year.

When will I be notified?

Our district will notify you within 90 days after the deadline if your application has been provisionally accepted or rejected, or of your childs position on any waiting list. You will receive final notice of acceptance or rejection by May 15 for enrollment in the next school year.

How are students selected?

After determining the number of transfer students it is willing to accept, the district selects students through a random, unbiased process. Academic or athletic abilities are not evaluated. Students will also have to meet any entrance requirements for specialized schools or programs. Priority will be given to siblings of children already in attendance in the district.

Can the district of choice reject the transfer?

The district of choice may reject the transfer if:
it would negatively impact any desegregation plan or racial and ethnic balance of the district it requires the district to create a new program or provide a new service to meet the students needs it would cause a student who resides or is currently enrolled in the district to be displaced the student has been expelled from another school district

Can my district of residence prohibit the transfer?

The district of residence may prohibit the transfer if it would negatively impact any desegregation plan or racial and ethnic balance of the district. The district may also limit the number of students transferring out each year.

Can I appeal a decision to reject the transfer?

There is no statutory right to appeal a rejection.

Is transportation provided to the school?

Upon request, the school district of choice may, but is not required to, provide your child transportation within the boundaries of the district to the extent that it is being provided to other students.

If my child is accepted, do I have to reapply each year?

The transfer will be renewed automatically each year unless the district withdraws from the School District of Choice program and no longer accepts transfer students.


DOC Latest Legislative Information:

Below you will find a joint statement that was released late yesterday afternoon by Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang & Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez regarding the District of Choice program. It can also be found on Assemblywoman Changs Facebook page.

JOINT STATEMENT by Assembly members Ling Ling Chang and Lorena Gonzalez:

“We had a constructive conversation today on the District of Choice school program. We agreed that while we have different opinions on how the program might operate, we also agreed that we will work with a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers in order to resolve these differences. We also want to ensure parents that no child will be removed from their schools this current school year. We will work on the details of the program between now and when the program is set to end next year. We believe that education should not be a partisan issue and will work together to make sure our schools are working for all

Districts of Choice Reauthorization AB 99