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Board of Trustees

Elk Hill School District Board of Trustee Members:

Billy Elliott- President (Term: 2018)
Todd Weatherly- Board Clerk (Term: 2020)
Jessica Peterson- Board Member (Term: 2020)

Elk Hills 2017-18 Board Members

Notice of Appointment

Board of Trustee Roles and Responsibilities:

The Board has outlined their roles and responsibilities as trustees. The Board desires to stay focused on the big picture while fulfilling five responsibilities in seven job areas. These five Board responsibilities are:

1. We set the direction.
2. We establish the structure.
3. We provide support.
4. We ensure accountability.
5. We act as community leaders.

We carry out these responsibilities in each of the following seven job areas:

1. Setting the Districtai??i??s Direction
2. Student Learning and Achievement
3. Finance and Facilities
4. Human Resources
5. Policy and Judicial Review
6. Collective Bargaining
7. Community Relations and Advocacy

The superintendent’s responsibilities are to support the Board in carrying out the agreed upon vision and goals. The superintendent will conduct the day-to-day operations and supervision of the school.

Board of Trustee Meeting Agendas and Minutes
The Board encourages parents, community members and guests to attend Board Meetings to be informed partners on district business and activities! Regular Board of Trustee meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month with a starting time of 6:00 p.m. Meetings are held in the Board Room at Elk Hills School, 501 Kern Street, Tupman, CA. Please click on the following Board meeting agendas and/or meeting minutes to download the documents:

Williams Act Notice of Public Hearing
Williams Public Hearing Notice 2016

LCAP Public notice:
LCAP Public Hearing Notice

2017-18 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes:
Board meeting agenda-August 8,2017
Board meeting minutes-August 8, 2017
Board meeting Agenda-September 12,2017
Board meeting minutes- September 12, 2017
Notice of Public Hearing October 10,2017
Board meeting Agenda-October 10, 2017
Board meeting minutes-October 10,2017
LCAP Public Hearing
Board meeting agenda-November 14, 2017
Board meeting minutes-November 14, 2017
LCAP Public Hearning Notice
Board meeting agenda-December 12, 2017
Board Meeting Agenda-January 16,2018
Board meeting minutes-January 16,2018
Notice of Public HearingNotice of Public Hearing
Board meeting agenda-February 13,2018
Board agenda minutes-February 13, 2018
Board meeting Agenda-March 13,2018
Board agenda minutes-March 13, 2018
Public Hearing LCAP-April 10,2018
Board meeting agenda- April 10,2018
Board Agenda minutes- April 10,2018
LCAP Public Hearing May, 8,2018
Board meeting Agenda- May 8,2018
Board meeting minutes-May 8, 2018
Revised Special Board meeting agenda- May 23, 2018
Special Board meeting minutes- May 23,2018
LCAP Public Hearing, June 12, 2018
Board meeting agenda-June 12,2018
Resolution to move meeting

2016-17 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes:
Board Meeting Agenda-August 9,2016
Board meeting minutes-August 9, 2016
Public Hearing Notice 2016
Board Meeting Agenda-September 13,2016
Board meeting minutes-September 13, 2016
Board Meeting Agenda-October 11,2016
LCAP Public Hearing Notice-2016-17
Board meeting Agenda-November 8, 2016
Board meeting minutes-November 8, 2017
Board meeting agenda-December 13, 2016
Board meeting minutes-December 13,2017
Public Hearing Notice-LCAP
Board meeting Agenda-January 17,2017
Board meeting agenda minutes-January 17,2017
Notice of Public Hearing-LCAP and CSEA
Board meeting agenda- Feburuary 14, 2017
Board meeting agenda minutes-February 14, 2017
Notice of Public Hearing LCAP
Board meeting Agenda-March 14, 2017
Board meeting minutes-March 14, 2017
LCAP/Budget Public Hearing
Board meeting agenda- April 20,2017
Board meeting minutes- April 20,2017
Public Hearing-LCAP/Budget
Board meeting Agenda- May 16, 2017
Board meeting agenda minutes-May 16, 2017
Notice of Public Hearing-LCAP:Budget
Board meeting Agenda-June 13, 2017
Board meeting minutes-June 13,2017
Board Meeting Agenda-June 20,2017
Board meeting agenda minutes-June 20,2017

2015-16 Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes:
Board Meeting Agenda-August 11,2015
Board Meeting Minutes, August 11,2015
Public Hearing Posting-September 8,2015
Board Meeting Agenda- September 8,2015
Board Meeting agenda minutes-September 8, 2015
Board Meeting Agenda-October 13,2015
Board meeting agenda minutes-October 13, 2015
Board meeting Agenda-November 8, 2015
Lack of Quorum-November 10, 2015
Board Meeting Agenda-December 8, 2015
Board meeting agenda minutes-December 8, 2015
Board meeting agenda-January 12, 2016
Board meeting agenda minutes-January 9, 2016
Board meeting Agenda-February 9,2016
Board meeting agenda minutes-February 9, 2016
Board meeting Agenda-March 1, 2016
Board meeting minutes-March 1, 2016
Notice of Public Hearing April 12, 2016
Board Meeting Agenda-April 12, 2016
Board meeting minutes-April 12,2016
Board Meeting Agenda-May 10, 2016
Board meeting minutes-May 10,2016
Public Hearing will be at 6:00pm for LCAP and Annual Budget
Board Meeting Agenda-June 14, 2016
Board agenda minutes-June 14, 2016
Board meeting Agenda-June 21,2016